Just 4 km away  there are Thermal bath of Punta Marina
The spa of Punta Marina arise on the sand, the thermal water efficiency has been recognized by the Institute of Health in 1991.
Have a multipurpose center  the most complete among  Ravenna territory, it has 2 thermal pools at 33 degrees for adults and children and a health center for specialist visits.

The thermal pool is daily open on following times
MON-FRI 8 at 9 / from 11 to 13 / from 19 to 21
SAT and SUN from 10 to 13/15 to 18

Entrance  € 15 per person
Children up to 6 years old free of charge
Children ages 7-14 € 5.00

Are also available thermal baths  on request, to book please call +39 0544 438221
Entrance € 25 per person with access to the thermal pools, hydro-path,  sauna and relaxation area with herbal teas, peeling or body aesthetic mud.

Spa treatments are also available upon admittance visit and including:
Inhalation, Deafness and respiratory diseases treatment, balneotherapy and vascular care, massage therapy