Family Hotel Marina Beach

The Family Hotel Marina Beach is situated in a central position, directly on the seafront in Lido Adriano, just 5 km from Ravenna’s historic town centre and 10 minutes by car from the leisure park of Mirabilandia.

Lido Adriano

Lido Adriano born as seaside resort among the most modern locality on the Adriatic coast, the summer season welcomes thousands of tourists who choose the Adriatic Coast for their holidays; thanks to modern lidos and the many activities for the free time, is able to satisfy the needs of visitors of all ages.   Lido Adriano Is just a few kilometers from the largest amusement park in Italy, Mirabilandia, and the other major theme parks such as Italy in Miniature, Zoosafari, Oltremare, representing a valid alternative to a day on the beach, for the entertainment of the whole family. For lovers of nightlife ,Lido Adriano you will be very close to the most locations in the Riviera such as Marina di Ravenna and Milano Marittima and discos by more and more appreciated as the Matilda and the Pineta, which host the most important events of the summer .   It represents an excellent starting point to visit Ravenna, famous above all for its beautiful mosaics, unique in the world. Ravenna has always been the most historically important cities of Emilia Romagna. Many monuments that deserve to be seen as the Basilica of San Vitale, where we find the mosaics representing the origins of Christianity; the Mausoleum of Galla Placida which remains one of the most beautiful monuments of Ravenna, this one characterized by fascinating mosaics representing the victory of eternal life over death, or the Arian Baptistery dating from the fifth century, when Arianism became the official religion of the court. Another important sites of interest is the Basilica of Sant'Apollinare in Classe, built in the sixth century A.D. and that is the greatest example of Basilica Paleocristiana. Another important step, especially for lovers of Italian literature is the Tomb of Dante, the great Florentine poet who died in Ravenna in 1321, which was dedicated this small temple built in 1780 by Camillo Morgia.   But beyond the many famous sites those visiting the land of Romagna can not help but appreciate the kitchen, just to mention some of the most popular dishes such as the famous piadina, known throughout the world, cappelletti, passatelli, accompanied a good glass of Sangiovese.   Our territory is able to satisfy everyone, from beach lovers, passing by the town until you get to the food and wine lovers.